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Garden Statesmen Chapter Quartets

It all started with Barbershop Quartets, and we encourage all of our members to break out in four-part harmony and spread the joy of our hobby in the community. Here you'll find the many Barbershop Quartets in our area, made of all, or some of our members.  Some compete, some perform for all types of groups,  and some just sing for their own entertainment; but we all sing because we love it.  Check out our quartets and find out more!  Feel free to hire them for your next affair.


Tenor - Jim Danner
Lead - Pete Manfredo
Bari - Mark Van Bruggen
Bass - Joe Ciccione

Phone: (609) 424-6239

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Cool Water

Tenor - Alan Hardy
Lead - Nathan Petschenik
Bari - Kevin Hacker
Bass - Dick Nurse

Phone: (848) 391-8642

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