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Chapter Award Descriptions


The William Meagher Award  

Named after William Meagher, this is awarded to the most improved Barbershopper, singing and overall performance. Selected by the Music VP with input from the Music Team.
The Gordon Harrison Award

The Gordan Harrison Award is named after one of the chapter's cornerstone members, Gordon Harrison, this is awarded to the best performing barbershopper. Selected by the Music VP with input from the Music Team.
The Tony Award

Named after one of the chapter's founding fathers, Tony Vanella, this is awarded to the most reliable barbershopper. It is based on attendance and just being the guy you know is always there. Not necessarily the flashiest member, but the kind of member we all rely on. Selected by the VP of Chapter Development.
Barbershopper of the Year Award

The BOTY Award is presented to the PGS member that the previous three years winners feel have contributed most to the welfare and success of the organization in the last year.  Winner is chosen by the last 3 years winners

Garden Statesmen Presidents


Current President - Thomas M. Befi

2021 -              Hugh Devine

2016 - 2020    Thomas M. Befi

2011 - 2015    James C. Danner

2008 - 2010    Art Miller

2007                Edward Ringel

2006                Edmund Keller

2003 - 2005    Marty Lavene

2001 - 2002    William Laurie

1999 - 2000    Mickey Levitan

1996 - 1998    Art Miller

1994 - 1995    Mickey Levitan

1993                Mark Van Bruggen

1991 - 1992    James C. Danner

1990                Richard Sudlow

1988 - 1989    Dave Dombach

1987                William Meagher

1985 - 1986    Hugh Devine

1983 - 1984    Joe Lazar

1982               Henry Meyer

1981               Mickey Levitan

1980               Jim Dailey

1979              Dan Van Winkle

1977 - 1978  Ed Mullowney

1976              Ray Hancock

1975              Gil Kayser

1974              Kutch Mayers

1973              Dave Thompson

1972              Norman Jackson

1971              John Yates

1970              Maurice Guadagno

Garden Statesmen Music Directors


Current Director - Jack Pinto


2021 -            Mark Van Bruggen

2020                      COVID

2010 -2019          Jack Pinto

1999 - 2010         Ritchie Lavene

1995 - 1998         Adam Sells

1988 - 1994         John Lehman

1983 - 1987         Bob Dickson

1982                     Mike Johnston

1974 - 1981         John Yates

1969 - 1973         Ed Ward

Chorus Honors



Most Improved Chorus

1986, 1989, 1997, 2007 & 2013



2015 Division Champions

2015 (with The Big Apple Chorus)

Chapter Award Winners


2021 Winners

Alan Hardy               BOTY

Jim Darnell             Tony

  Dick Nurse             Gordy

       Bob Harris              Meagher

2020 Winners

No Awards Given

Due to COVID 19

2019 Winners

   Bob Harris            BOTY

  Alan Hardy           Tony

    Jim Darnell            Gordy

          Bob Harris            Meagher

2018 Winners

Bob Harris              BOTY

Bob Harris            Tony

Kevin O'Brien          Gordy

  Nathan Petschenik     Meagher

2017 Winners





2016 Winners

Hugh Devine           BOTY

Jack Pinto               Tony

Dennis McCook       Gordy

       Kevin Hacker          Meagher


2015 Winners

Alan Hardy               BOTY

Alan Hardy              Tony

Arthur Lehrhaupt    Gordy

Arthur Lehrhaupt          Meagher


2014 Winners
Tom Befi                   BOTY
Jim Danner               Tony
Dan Martin               Gordy
Arthur Lehrhaupt    Meagher

2013 Winners
Joe Ciccione              BOTY
Michael Ferrebee    Tony
Andrew Gensey       Gordy
Pete Manfredo        Meagher

2012 Winners
Hugh Devine           BOTY
Jim Darnell              Tony
Gordon Harrison    Gordy

2011 Winners
Mark Van Bruggen   BOTY
Alan Hardy &             Tony
Gordon Harrison      Tony
Kevin Hacker      Meagher

2010 Winners
Alan Hardy          BOTY
Edward Ringel    Tony
Avi Paradise        Meagher

2009 Winners
John Lambert    BOTY
Chuck Denk        Tony
N/A                Meagher

2008 Winners
Ray Walker         BOTY
Alan Hardy         Tony
Clayton Echan    Meagher

2007 Winners
Pete Manfredo    BOTY
Jim Darnell           Tony
John Hagaman    Meagher

2006 Winners
Hugh Devine             BOTY
Bruce Keller               Tony
Mark Van Bruggen    Meagher

2005 Winners
Michael Ferrebee    BOTY
Arthur Miller            Tony
Victor Iturbides        Meagher

2004 Winners
Bob Thomas        BOTY
Jim Darnell           Tony
Mike Ferrebee     Meagher

2003 Winners
Ross Trube               BOTY
Gordon Harrison    Tony
Jim Darnell               Meagher

2002 Winners
Gordon Harrison    BOTY
Ed Kerr                     Tony
Josh Sanchez           Meagher

2001 Winners
Joe Ciccione          BOTY
Bud Linder            Tony
Edward Keenan    Meagher

2000 Winners
Jim Danner          BOTY
Ed Kerr                 Tony
Joe Ciccione         Meagher

1999 Winners
Hugh Devine        BOTY
William Laurie      Tony
Leon Gruska         Meagher

1998 Winners
Lee Gruska              BOTY
Gordon Harrison    Tony
N/A                    Meagher

1997 Winners
Serge Rizzo        BOTY
Ed Kerr               Tony
Jim Darnell         Meagher

1996 Winners
N/A                      BOTY
William Laurie    Tony

1995 Winners
William Laurie    BOTY
Ed Kerr                 Tony



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